White Zuerich

It was in the end of October and early November 2012 when my restless feet roamed around Zuerich. It was basically a business trip but of course leisure would always have its way.

Landed in Zuerich at 6AM in the morning and upon boarding the  train going to the hotel, I saw some white cottony little drops starting to cover the roofs of the houses. OMG it’s snowing! I have the fear of  cold temperatures which I believe is  the “kitty” in me hence whenever I travel to cold countries I have to leave maximum first half of November before the winter starts. But this trip, I can’t choose the date as it is business in nature.

After checking in the hotel and a short rest, it is “must” to go out and maximize the opportunity to see the city. I put on the warmest clothing that I could carry in my body and put on the brave spirit to meet the beautiful snow  outside. It was difficult on the first half hour, after the warmth in the hotel then going out in the cold, it was really brrrrrrrrr………….then my body got acclimatized and I  found myself walking in the middle of a snow covered city.




I never thought that snow could be as lovely as this, it’s just beautiful, I should have experienced this before if  I have not allowed the fear of cold ruled over me. As this trip was business in nature, my companion was my boss and I didn’t know that our lunch is hosted by his friends living in Zuerich. We met them in the midst of the city, did some walking around and proceeded to their home . The residence is located outside the city center, unfortunately I didn’t bother to ask the place….and these welcomed me……..!!!

Suiza, Oct 2012 ZCH y Basilea 092

The garden appeared to have been covered by a blanket of snow and big cotton balls were hanging on the trees…..

Suiza, Oct 2012 ZCH y Basilea 109

This is the staircase entering the house……………


Suiza, Oct 2012 ZCH y Basilea 104

After lunch had some tea coffee and chat, then we all went down to the garden, I was told that we will make a snow angel which I have totally no clue about it having raised and grew up in a tropical climate and now living in the middle east, I went along with the group very excited as my feet submerged in the thick snow as I walked step by step…..


Suiza, Oct 2012 ZCH y Basilea 108

After choosing the best spot, I was tasked to do the snow angel, dragged in the thick snow and pushed to lie down on the bed of snow……..then move the arms and legs…..

Suiza, Oct 2012 ZCH y Basilea 114

Suiza, Oct 2012 ZCH y Basilea 115

Suiza, Oct 2012 ZCH y Basilea 116

Suiza, Oct 2012 ZCH y Basilea 119

My Snow Angel

We bid farewell to the  host family in the early evening and as we went out of the house, what a lovely  scene my eyes feasted on……

Suiza, Oct 2012 ZCH y Basilea 163


I’ve seen this kind of view only in post cards or greeting cards, the contrast of the street lighting and the snow was just amazingly awesome!!!

The day was was hilariously exciting freaking FUN! I never thought that I would enjoy the snow which I feared all my  life! It was a precious experience to be cherished for a life time!




















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