Visiting Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle, built in 1130 on top of an extinct volcano and a World Heritage Site is one of the major tourist attraction in Scotland. The castle has been home to the kings and queens of Scotland whenever they are staying in city.

As usual, the weather was not at it’s best that morning in June 2007 as I got out of the train station in Edinburgh. It was cloudy with rain showers and temperature was freezing for me.  Having my survival kit, the city map, I walked through the roads of Edinburgh locating the Edinburgh Castle……..

The castle is a very old structure and looks more of a fortress than a king and queen residence. After buying the tickets, I entered the castle through the arched gate that leads inside the castle compound.

Inside the castle compound, I found a terrace that gives a panoramic view of the city of Edinburgh…………..

 The Royal Scots Regimental Museum  is located within the Edinburgh Castle compound. It showcased the story of the Regiment from the time it was founded in 1633 until its end in 2006 as well as the life in the army.

Also housed inside the Edinburgh Castle compound is the Scottish National War Memorial. It was established for the commemoration of the casualties of  the First and Second World War.

Taken in front of the Scottish National War Memorial………….


 Another highlight in the Edinburgh Castle is Mons Meg, the giant cannon which is over 550 years old and one of the world’s oldest cannon. The canon was given to Jamse II of Scotland and was built in Mons Belgium.  The cannon was fired in 1558 in celebration of Queen Mary’s marriage and on 1681 on the birthday of  the future King James VII.

The Royal Palace was the official residence of the kings and queens of Scotland as well as the birthplace of Queen Mary’s only child King James VI in June 1566. Below is the facade of the building.


The National War museum can also be found inside the Edinburgh Castle’s compound. The museum showcases over 400 years of military experience, stories of war and military service. Also displayed are memorabilia, souvenirs and personal possessions that reveals the story of a military life.

Taken in front of the National War Museum inside the Edinburgh Castle……..

Freezing hexebella in front of the National War Museum Building


Since Edinburgh Castle is strategically built on top of an extinct volcano, one will find in every corner a view deck that gives the visitor a stunning view of the city. It was unfortunate that my camera failed to work as it started to malfunction since my arrival in the UK due to the extremities of the climate temperature, coming from a sunny and very hot Muscat and entering a chilly, cloudy, rainy and sometimes foggy northeast of England and Edinburgh is upper north, the moisture formed inside the lens. Pictures on this trip was taken from a video camera that has function to take still images.

Below are panoramic views taken from different corners of Edinburgh Castle compound…..

Visiting Edinburgh Castle was well worth the the trip and has been the highlight of my trip.



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