Treated like a Queen

Spas are like mushrooms in Chiang Mai, big and small, that I told myself I have to experience one of them. Which among them to try is the question. If I will ask the guesthouse where I was staying, I was worried that I could get a biased recommendation, they might direct me to the spa who give them favors. So, as usual, I asked google and I landed in Trip Advisor. Among the reviews in Trip Advisor, I found out that Fah Lanna has a high rating due to the high satisfaction of their clients,  hence I decided to go there.

It was located in Wiang Kaew Road which is approximately 15 minutes journey with my restless feet and I easily found the place.

Upon arrival, I was welcomed at the reception where I chose the treatment from the Spa Menu. I opted for the Fah Lanna Pure Bliss  which is 5 treatments to last for 4 hours.

They served a welcome drink and a welcome foot scrub but my restless feet got ticklish that I kept on giggling until finally it was over.

Ticklish Foot Scrub

Afterwards, my therapist led me to the treatment room, we walked over a wooden walkway with ponds, plants and palm trees on both sides. How I wish this to be my house.

Towards the treatment room

We passed through the handcrafted archway and turned left. This was the treatment room.

The Treatment Room, Fah Lamphun

The first treatment was the Fah Lanna Skin Polish and Body Scrub, and below was the set-up inside the Fah Lamphun.


After the preliminaries, my therapist started the skin polish and full body scrub. I could feel the rough sand like gel being rubbed to my whole body with an experienced hands that was so soothing to the senses. When it’s done, I took a shower and this was the shower room inside Fah Lamphun. The sun rays passes through the gaps of the wood panels. I could imagine taking a shower at night with the moon and stars above watching me.

Shower Room

After the shower, my therapist led me to the steam room for the Aromatic Herbal Steam which soothed my nostrils up to my lungs. It lasted for an hour but I had a break after the first 30 minutes. This was taken during the break while having their signature cold tea just outside the steam room and in front of the Thai Massage Room.

I took the opportunity to have a look on the Thai Massage Room. This room is for couple taking the treatment at the same time.


After the Aromatic Herbal Steam Bath, we went back to Fah Lamphun for the Golden Herb Hydro Therapy. I just realized now that I wasn’t able to take a shot of the set-up. As far as I can remember it was a jacuzzi with a net like  pouch of flower petals floating on the bubbling water. It was really a bliss, it was like being mauled by bubbles of water.

When it’s done, I was given with a white bath robe and terry slipper and was led to a small corner in the garden. I was served with Thai sticky rice in coconut milk and yellow mangoes as well as their signature drink.

 After the short break, I went again to to Fah Lamphun for the Aromatic Oil Massage. All my tired muscles were revived and my nerves awakened, it was a total relaxation of the body and the senses. After the body massage I was given a Facial Treatment and a head massage that concludes the whole treatment package. The total cost of the package was THB 3100/- net which was a great value for money .

They send me back to the guesthouse where I was staying with their complimentary transfer. I felt so good and rejuvenated. That evening, I noticed in front of the mirror that my skin glow and felt so smooth. It was really a wonderful experience to be treated like a queen even for a few hours.


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