The Fremont Street Experience

I visited Fremont Street during a week stay in Las Vegas in September 2009, which I could say was one of the busiest and noisiest place my restless feet has ever set into. Fremont Street was very bright with glittering lights everywhere. The place was full of people walking, exploring, looking around.  The whole street is a pedestrian zone, no cars are allowed and there was no space for them even.

The place is dominated with a loud noise, like a movie or a TV show. I looked up and there was a big screen, like a canopy watching over the chaos happening on the ground.

Showgirls also mingled with the crowd, have no idea if they should be given a tip if asked to have a photo with them, whatever…..I was able to steal a shot while they were busy posing with another camera.

This one showgirl has given me a hard time. She noticed that I was trying to steal a shot of her, she moved from left to right and turned around so I can not take a focus. I moved a few more meters away from her and thanks to my camera’s zoom…..Gotcha!

A vintage car is on showcase in one of the bars……………. 

 I find the atmosphere to be a blend of a modern and a classic world where people of different nationalities and culture came to witness what’s going on in this part of the globe which was an amusing and entertaining experience.



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