Restless Feet on Break at Durham Marketplace Square

Feet weary and needed a break has found a place to stop for a while at the Durham Market Place Square. The place is a spacious square with benches and serves a meeting place or simply just to leisurely hang around when the weather is nice. I decided to stop and sit and look around the lovely old structures around me.

A famous statue at the background stands at the center of the square. He is the Marquis of Londonderry who fought many battles, hence the statute is that of a soldier in a military uniform riding a horse. According to history, this statue has been in the square for a century and a half.

The building at the back of the statue of Londonderry is the St. Nicholas Church or St. Nic’s Church  as the locals call it. The current structure was built in 1858  replacing that of an ancient sturcture. St. Nic’s Church is an evangelical Anglican church.  How I admired the windows which were elegantly designed and the blackened color of the roof  due to the exposure to the harsh weather in the Northeast of England highlighted the beauty of the structure.

This is the back side of the St. Nic’s Church across the street:

The building at the  background is the Durham Town Hall which is a venue that can be rented to hold different kinds of events such as parties, dinners, meetings and conferences. 

The Durham Town Hall has been refurbished that took a year to complete and this is now the facade look like. The doors are automatic and accessible to everybody.

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