Pike Place Market

One of the top attractions in Seattle is the Pike Place Market which was established in 1907 and also known as the The Soul of Seattle. According to history, the price of onion went up exorbitantly some time in 1906 that caused an outrage from the residents. The city council proposed a street market with the concept of “Meet the Producer” cutting  the added cost charged by the middlemen. The farmers would bring their produce to the market for sale directly to the end consumers. Today, it is one of the most visited tourist’s site in Washington State.

The market sells fresh produce like seafood, fruits and vegetables, breads, dry goods, flowers and many more.

The giant crabs and fishes on display on the fish stalls has really amazed me. I have been to fish markets in some other countries but this one is something different.  The seafood are ready to be shipped outside the country as the fish shops packed them to last 48 hours. They also do delivery to any downtown hotel or until the airport. As an added free service, they offer to clean the crabs and fillet the fishes. One thing entertaining was when the fishmongers are passing and tossing the fishes with a rhyme, to be packed and hand over to a customer.


I saw these chili and peppers of different shapes and sizes  displayed along the street. It was creatively put together like a bouquet or a crown of chili……



Here is one shop that sells different kinds of pasta in different colors……………..


…..the baker has his own place as well…..and the food kiosk  are just waiting to serve hungry tummies…………


….the flowers in various colors were so lovely to look at…..handicrafts merchandise of different materials and craftsmanship can be seen all around……………


The other side of the street is lined with shops of both food and beverages……………

And here is something interesting that I found out during my vagabonding in Seattle that I never thought I would stumble upon…..the first ever Starbucks Coffee Shop was first born in Seattle in 1971. The store retained it’s facade having located in a historical district, the structure and design was not modified to keep its original look.


At the end of the street is a mini park where both young and old hang around on a lovely, sunny afternoon. Going further at  the back of the Pike Place Market is a view deck overlooking Elliott Bay.



The background of this view deck are the towering high-rise buildings that looks like a mini skyline.

Pike Place Market gives its visitors a one of a kind experience by witnessing  its uniqueness and feel  the trace of history that continue to live on.



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