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Today is a holiday and I was lazy in bed in the morning, laptop on my bedside table, checked FB page, scrolled and among the posts is this:



Like a speed of a lightning, memories flashed back that automatically I cracked smile with the feeling of longing to travel back in time, those wonderful days spent in Berlin… I navigated the FB page, I stumbled upon another post again, here it go


I asked myself,  “is it Berlin nostalgia day today”? I have shared several destinations I visited on this blog site but nothing was written about Germany and especially the city that I would love to go back over and over again….Berlin.

It was in 2001 when I traveled to Germany and due to a strike of luck…. a serendipity…. whatever one may call it, I was blessed to visit this city full of history. I spent 14 days in Berlin and each day is one of my happiest moments on this planet. I couldn’t explain exactly what kind of feeling engulfed me as I walked down the streets of this city, buildings, structures, monuments which I have seen only in the class  presentations in Goethe Institut-Manila during my days learning the language.

Der Reichstag

“Der Reichstag”  or the German Parliament  is one of the historical buildings in the city and one of the main attractions in Berlin. On top of the building with its old architecture is a modern glass dome that offers a 360 view of the city. Looking at the edifice from afar, one would notice the blend of the past and present, a combination of a historical and modern architectural design.

Those days, there were a lot of construction and restorations being done all over that I called it “The Crane City.



Berliner Dom or The Berlin Cathedral

Another structure that amazed me was the Berliner Dom or the Berlin Cathedral which is of baroque architecture, every single detail is a marvelous work of art. Standing in front of it, gazing at the facade was one of a kind of an experience for me, I can still remember, I didn’t want to leave that place but I have to continue and explore the city. My regret was that, I didn’t take the time the explore the interiors, unfortunately.



Unter den Linten Street (Under the Linden Trees)

“Unter den Linden” Street (Under the Linden Trees) is one of the famous boulevards in Berlin.  At the “Schlossbrueke” or Castle Bridge in English, “Strassenkunstler” or a street artist was on duty. You can find these street artists or street performers mostly in places which are famous and where the crowd flocks. They normally has a basket or a tray where passersby drop coins or sometimes bills from the generous ones. Humboldt University which is one of the oldest university in Berlin is also situated along this street. In the middle of the street, one wouldn’t miss a statue riding a horse. The bronze statue was created in memory of Friedrich II or Frederick the Great, the King of Prussia from 1740 to 1786.



Gendarmenmarkt is a square with two identical cathedrals, the German and French Cathedral and in the middle is Berlin Konzerthaus or Concert Hall. I was lucky to have watched a classical concert at the Berlin Konzerthaus. During Christmas, this is a venue for Christmas Market with food and entertainment.



Kaiser Wilhelm Gedaechtnisckirche or Kaiser William Memorial Church

This church is located in  Breitscheidsplatz in Kurfuersterdamm Strasse (Street) or mostly called as Ku’damm (the most popular boulevard in Berlin lined with boutique shops, restaurants and cafes). The church was badly damaged during the 2nd World War, the damaged part was preserved and at the bottom is a memorial hall.



Altes Museum or Old Museum

Situated on Berlin’s Museum Island is the Altes Museum which is oldest museum in Berlin. It  houses classical antique collection of Greek and Roman art.


The Weltzeit Uhr or The World Time Clock at Alexanderplatz

This monument is a famous meeting point among the Berliners and was mentioned several times in our work book in the class in Goethe Institut. The World Time Clock is revolving and shows 24 different time zones in different cities. On top of it is an illustration of the solar system.



Neptunbrunnen or Neptune Fountain at Alexanderplatz

One of the most famous fountain in Berlin is the Neptune Fountain which is also located at Alexanderplatz. Neptune is seated on a shell and surrounded by four women guarding him  and represent the four rivers rivers of Prussia which are Rhine, Oder, Elbe and Vistula.



There are kiosk all around Alexanderplatz so no way to be hungry, the yummiest bratwurst I had, Thueringen Bratwurst…..ich liebe es (i luv it!).



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