My First International Travel

Everybody has the first of everything. It was in the evening of August 1995 when I had my first international flight via British Airways to Hongkong.  The weather was not good that day, a typhoon is moving in the northern part of the Philippines, however, flights are normal, there were no cancellations.

Manila to Hongkong is only 2 hours but that 2 hours was not a peaceful flight. Due to the bad weather, turbulence was terrible that the aircraft was up and down in an abrupt manner and passengers were screaming. Thanks God we landed safely in Hongkong.

I stayed in a guesthouse in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon side, it was a very small room, only a double bed and a small bathroom. Those days accommodation and flight were much expensive compared today that travel packages to Hongkong are very cheap.

My days were spent going around the city…..

Around the city
Crossing an overpass

shopping malls…….

In front of a jewellery store inside a mall

business district…………

In one corner of a business district

walked through parks………..

Kowloon Park


and shopping at the night market in Mongkok…….


I also went to went to The Peak or the Victoria Peak, whatever,  and enjoyed the panoramic view from the top.

View from the The Peak

This  visit to The Peak was done after I spent 5 days in China where I spent one whole day exploring a theme park Window of the World and my skin feasted on a bountiful of sunshine.

Hongkong View from The Peak

During my visit, the Ocean Park which is one of the attractions in Hongkong was under renovation, hence I wasn’t able to see the same. Those days, there were no digital cameras yet hence all of the photos were taken from a film camera.

On my departure day, I paid a total of USD 150/-at the airport for excess baggage. It was a maddening shopping holiday. Below is a pic taken from the old airport.

going home


I never went back to Hongkong again since then except for a stop over when I took a Cathay Pacific flight in 2003. Travel to Hongkong now is very affordable but need some shopping money otherwise you will not enjoy HongKong.



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