I almost regretted it!

It was another long holiday in Oman sometime in the last quarter of 2011 when My Tribe organized a camping with their friends . I didn’t plan to go with them as I was not feeling well the night before until the next morning. And the fact that the time will pass by just chatting on topics that doesn’t interests me at all.

They’re supposed to meet at 12:30pm near Hamriya. Everything is prepared and they were ready to go by 12:00nn. My Tribe has been persuading me to come since morning but I was just lazy until 12:00 nn that they insisted that I go with them and for me to pack-up my things in the next 10 minutes. I pulled my lazy body and packed up.

We traversed the road to Barr Al Jissah, until Yiti then to Jebel Sifa. We passed by the Jebel Sifa construction

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We reached the campsite pproximately 4 kilometers passed the Jebel Sifa Villas construction:

The view from our campsite, the Jebel Sifa upcoming community

Why I almost regretted it? On the way back, somewhere near Yiti which we did not pay much attention when we came……

is the coastal view that was really WOW!

The sunshine has perfectly illuminated the mountain and the water, plus the blue sky clearly reflected on the water that made it a stunning view. 

This has magnificently concluded the camping trip, it was well worth it. 

I told myself, if I did not come, i would have not gazed on this wonderful creation from above, another beauty in one corner of the Sultanate of Oman. I would have been regretting until now.



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