Hexebella Luvin’ Chiang Khong

Day 1 in Chiang Khong

It was my 5th day in Chiang Rai when I arrived in Chiang Kong,  the northernmost part of Thailand near Laos. I know from what I have read that  there is nothing much happening in this sleepy laid back town, tourists come here to cross the border to Laos for further tourism and visa run.

I arrived in my hotel mid afternoon and from the reception, I have seen the beauty of the Mekong River that made my heart leap. I entered my room and from the balcony, I was fascinated by the view that was offered to me like a food on a silver platter.


The hassle I had coming to Chiang Kong was fully compensated with the picturesque scenery. It was a hassle as I came from Chiang Saen and was alarmed in the morning to find out that there was no Songtheaw traveling to Chiang Khong on Sunday, it was only a distance of approximate 50 kilometers. I already booked my hotel in Chiang Kong and just the thought of staying another night in Chiang Saen seemed like a horror to me. The Songtheaw driver advised me to get the bus to Chiang Rai and from Chiang Rai get the bus to Chiang Khong which I did.

In the afternoon, I walked by the river on the promenade, this area is lined up with guest houses and hotels with beautiful balconies and terraces facing the river overlooking Laos.



I spent my time by the river till evening then went out to the main street to hunt for the Mexican Restaurant which I’ve read in the TripAdvisor. It is located by the main road that I have no difficulty in locating it. That was a fantastic dinner!

Day 2 in Chiang Khong

The guesthouse provides complimentary light breakfast for the guests, light when you look at it, but heavy in the tummy, served in the small charming lobby. The ambiance was perfect at the terrace sipping hot freshly brewed coffee with the Mekong River in front of you and on the other side are the Laos’ houses by the river bank and it’s mountains like a backdrop, a total bliss!


The rest of the day was spent in the balcony savouring the sights around, lunch out and dine out in the evening in the local restaurants combined with riverside walk. That Monday evening was quiet on the main road at 8pm, everyone seems to be inside their homes. Have not even seen tourists hanging around the area.

This was a lazy day, but with a feeling of satisfaction inside.

Day 3 in Chiang Khong

Early morning I woke up and as I looked out at the balcony, I felt a lazy morning. The clouds were thick and covering the mighty Sun. As the clock ticks, the scenery was changing slowly, the Sun seemed to be fighting it’s way out of the clouds. Hexebella got the feeling to just laze around and watch each moment as it passes by…………………

Looking at the other side of the Mekong, another beautiful sight was just waiting for me to admire, the clouds descended down, lower than the mountains as if kissing the rooftop of the houses. By the way, the view is Laos taken from Thailand.

As per my self-made program, I should depart to Chiang Rai on this day but something inside me was preventing me to do so, I can’t turn my back from this magnificent creation of Mother Nature. In addition, I don’t have anything fixed in Chiang Rai so  why not stay  for another day, one advantage of Traveling Solo, you can just simply do what you want.

I went down to take my breakfast and advised my host that I am extending my stay for another night. Yao, my host and owner of the guest house was very happy and instantly gave me THB 100 discount on the third night, isn’t that wonderful?

The day was spent just hanging around the balcony of my room, feeding the greed of my soul on the picturesque Mekong River having a different look today, thick clouds are hanging on top of it and the Mighty Sun seemed to be powerless to  get out. My soul was so grateful for these moments, moments of solitude and moments of connection to the nature around me.

In the afternoon, again went for a walk by the Mekong Riverside, walking leisurely as if all the time in the world is all mine, no tension, no pressure, nothing matters…..except my soul’s desire!

Below are snapshots of Chiang Khong main downtown street.

How to Get to  Chiang Khong

Chiang Khong can be accessed through Chiang Rai. Buses from Chiang Rai Bus Station has daily trips to Chiang Khong.



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