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Hexebella is in real life Mia Ventura, Asian by ethnicity, a bit German in thinking, a bit of Buddhist in spirituality, Omani in hospitality…..living and working in a Muslim country (Sultanate of Oman) in the hospitality industry. Hexebella has a deep passion to see, discover and experience this planet we all live in, whether it’s in the backyard, in the neighborhood, in the local community or anywhere. These experiences would be valuable if shared to everyone through any channel, either by face to face conversation or through writing. Hence I started this blog so I could reach out to more souls who could benefit from my sharing.





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  1. I truly enjoyed the contents and the description which you have put below each Topic.

    It was not just like reading a travelogue, but quite informative, precise and crisp unlike an unending descriptions portrayed by other authors.

    I even want to appreciate your photography skills which made me to re-think about my photography skill which I considered to be good.. 😉

    Last, but not the least, hats off to your actual ‘restless feet’ which have helped you to go through all terrains around the Globe.

    Keep going my Celebrity Buddy,,, Cheers to your thoughts and actions.. God Bless…

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