Friday Farmer’s Market at Clovis CA

It was after a week stay in Las Vegas that I went along with my friend and host to visit her place in Fresno, CA. As there was not much attraction to see in Fresno, she took me to visit the nearby city of Clovis where there was a Farmer’s Market happening on a Friday night.

During this event, streets were closed to vehicles to accommodate the farmers’ stalls and shoppers and were converted to a pedestrian zone. 

Farmer’s Market is where the farmers or the main producer sells their produce directly to the public. In this way, the money made by the middlemen that add up to the cost of the produce will be eliminated hence the end consumers enjoy the  benefit to procure their supplies at a lower price. 

We arrived Clovis on a late afternoon just in time that the producers are in the process of arranging their produce in their designated stalls, getting ready for the crowd to come later in the evening. 

 Snack stalls are always have their corner and won’t be missing in these kind of festivities…………..

 On the street intersection, the residents mostly the senior citizens gathered together in a circle waiting for the show to start. Sound systems are set up for the performing artists to entertain the crowd. 

 Around the area are gift shops and antique shops that depict old country living which fascinated me…………..

 There was one shop that ignited my interest, the Quilters’ Shop… of my hobbies that preoccupied me for some time in the past, unfortunately, got no chance to indulge myself again these days…..however, I got captivated with the shop’s facade, I don’t understand but I’m always impressed with “old wood”.

We stayed until around 8pm in the Farmer’s Market, stuffed ourselves with the sandwiches from the food kiosk for dinner. It was worth the visit for people who are interested in observing the lifestyle in old towns like Clovis. I have never heard of this town before I came to visit and I think I would have enjoyed to stay another day and just hang around in the place and feel the atmosphere.



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