Food Trip Friday at Bait Al Luban

Food Trip is what I call my eating out activity looking for something new to my taste buds or simply going back to a favorite restaurant.

On this particular Friday evening 3rd April 2015, my friends and I have chosen Bait Al Luban, it is a restaurant in Muttrah just opposite the Muttrah Fish Market. No one from us has been there before, all of us were first timers and we agreed based on the reviews we read from the web.

First thing that impressed me was the ambiance, I have that kind of attachment to something traditional or ancient atmosphere, Bait Al Luban interior setup is like a fusion of  a modern-traditional Omani setting. The wooden door design and the ceiling are one of those similar to the ancient houses in the villages but given with a new look and elegant touch.


Behind the reception is a showcase of a majlis seating with colorful cushions and  woven cone shaped hats highlighted the set-up. Majlis is an Arabic term which means “a place for sitting” or a sitting room. In some traditional Omani houses usually in the villages, they still have have the majlis  sitting where they receive their visitors.


Bait Al Luban has also a corner for separate dining area with a Majlis set-up which could accommodate approximately 15-20 persons.


At the other side of the restaurant facing the street is the balcony which is a good spot for dining as guests has access for the view of  the corniche, unfortunately, tables are good for two persons only hence we can’t have the place for us. The balcony is very ideal for tea or coffee after meal and chat the time away……………….


We got our cozy corner  where we sat comfortably and loving the moments with the awesome atmosphere packaged with the expectation to satisfy the palate, eager for the first bite!


We ordered for what the Omani called Mishkak or in English BBQ. We had different type of meat and seafood served in a bamboo skewers (I just realized now that I haven’t taken a snap of it!), Chicken Maqboos, Shuwa and Ceasar Salad.

Maqboos is a spiced meat, either lamb or chicken and eaten with flavored rice.


Shuwa is a meat, either lamb or beef which  is cooked underground with layers of covering to keep the heat inside for 24 hours.


Ceasar Salad which everybody knows……………..



This is the Mishkak, I found a pic from the FB page of Bait Al Luban.


I am not a fan of Omani food, but the food at Bait Al Luban was fantastic, the meat was tender and tasty, my sense of tasting was truly happy.


I know that food is always a personal opinion but all of us had an enjoyable food and dining experience, food was superb in an awesome setting! Food is not only to fill hungry the tummy, it also awakens the senses.



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