Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral as the name suggests, is located in the city of Durham in Durham County. The cathedral is the icon of this lovely city which was built in the late 11th century.

There are several trains that travels from Newcastle to Durham, I just can’ t remember which one brought me to Durham. I remember the Virgin trains and GNER, and that was in May 2007, could be by now there are more train companies that serve this route. Travel time is very quick, approximately 15-20 minutes.

As I came out of the train station towards the street, this is what I saw

I came to Durham without knowing what to be seen or what can be found here. I was told that Durham is a nice city and worth visiting. My eyes feasted on the grandeur of the architecture, I don’t remember much anymore from my Humanities subject in the university concerning medieval arts and architectures i.e, Romanesque, Baroque or Gothic designs. What I knew was that the massive structure was so magnificent and how I loved to gaze on it.

My restless feet walked my way to the city center, crossed a footbridge to the other side of the road…………

and continue walking through the streets of Durham enjoying the view of the houses with pointed roofs which I have been fascinated by them since I was a little girl……..

After passing through some narrow streets and alleys lined up with shops, cafes, bakeshops and restaurants, my restless feet reached its destination. The Durham Cathedral and grounds…………

I did go inside the cathedral but it was very poorly illuminated that time and I felt eerie hence I decided to go out and just enjoy the surroundings.

Some facts about the Durham Cathedral



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