Dimaniyat Islands

Dimaniyat Islands is a very famous diving site in Oman located 18 kilometers off the coast of Barka (where I currently live and work) which is approximately 45 kilometers away from Muscat, International Airport. I never had any interest in visiting this place as I don’t do any kind of water sports. In conjunction with my previous post “Cruising with Oman Charter”, I decided to post about Dimaniyat Islands to give my readers an idea about the place.

Dimaniyat Islands was our destination with the Oman Charter Cruise. It took us 2.5 hours to reach the place with the Orana 44 Catamaran  from The Wave Muscat Marina where we boarded. The island group has an area of 100 hectares and is comprised of nine islands. It is a protected natural reserve in Oman due to its rich natural heritage and abundance of  coral reefs. In 1984, it was recognized internationally due to its location within the project of Great Barrier Reef and considered as international nature reserve.

As we approached the area, this is the view waiting to greet us………….

The boat docked in an ideal location for snorkeling and swimming. The other guests were so excited and put on their snorkeling gears and dived into the turquoise blue water. Whew! I was so envious…..the water was inviting and fishes of different colors came near the boat. Since the boat was not moving, we felt the heat and the humidity, I thought all the liquid was squeezed out of me. I went up the upper deck and somewhat felt a little sea breeze and most of all, the view was spectacular………….

The islands are also home to different species of migratory birds……

Unfortunately, I am not able to share with you underwater views, however you can find them at Oman Tourism Flickr account.



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  1. Hi !!
    Me and my husband were planning a trip to dimaniyat islands but not really sure where to start !
    Do we have to take permission?
    How much does a catamaran charge?
    We just want to spend the day snorkeling and lazying around on the beach !
    Hope to hear from you soon !!
    – Sidra

    1. I’m so sorry Sidra for getting your message very late, my hectic timing won’t allow me to work on my blog. Maybe this time you already made the trip. My apologies.

  2. Hello,
    I am a photo editor at citynews publishing and i was looking for high resolution photos of the Dimaniyat island. I saw you took some good shuts. In one of our magazines we will be writing an article about Arab islands. i am writing to ask you permission to use one of the photos here posted, in our article. I will credit you for sure.
    Please let me know.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, just came back from my recent trip to Jordan.

      Yes, please feel free to use the photos and just mention the website address.



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