Cruising with Oman Charter

We were invited by Oman Sail to join the Tourism Day for a boat cruise to Dimaniyat Islands intended for tour operators and hoteliers in Muscat to sample their product and services being offered to hotel guests and tourists in Oman.

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We boarded the Orana 44 Catamaran at the The Wave Muscat Marina. Inside the boat is an air-conditioned salon that  can accommodate up to 8 people.

Air-conditioned salon

At one corner, at the right side as one enters the salon is a mini kitchen with worktop, cooker, oven, sink and cupboards and opposite is the bar.

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Opposite the kitchen is a wooden table with large panel for electrical controls and navigation instruments. At the side is the cold storage for food and drinks.

At both sides of the boat interior where the salon and kitchen is located, one will find a narrow staircase going down that leads to the sleeping quarters opposite each other, a total of 2 aft cabins and 2 forward cabins, all equipped with double beds, under bed storage, side closets, hanging shelves, private toilet and bath, bedside reading lights, ventilation and illuminated at night with halogen spotlights.


 The cockpit is a spacious area with a bench around the table that can accommodate 6 persons, very ideal for playing cards, board games or simply munching on chips with ice cold drinks while enjoying the sea breeze.


Here is Caroline….. one of the efficient team member of Oman Sail, maneuvers the boat….(Sorry Caroline, I have taken the back view, I should have gone to the front LOL!)

 The Orana 44 has an upper deck for relaxing and sunbathing, but hexebella is afraid of the sun and hiding under shade of the sail …..

The front deck is also a good spot to sit and relax, it has a trampoline for added excitement, however i did not attempt not even to step on it, I was somewhat scared to get off-balanced.

During the cruise, cold drinks, water and soft drinks were served throughout the day. At lunch, they served us cold sandwiches and finger foods. Oman Charter also offers snorkeling gadgets to guests on board which did not benefit me as I can’t swim!!! Embarrassing but it’s true, in spite of  having been  raised and grew up in an archipelago of 7100 islands, and that explains why I don’t do any kind of water sports.

The return trip was more enjoyable as the sun is going down, although still hot, but the sea breeze was cooler. All the guests found their own corners at the front and at the upper deck, lying and reclining, hiding under the shade of the sail. How I enjoyed the soft  sound of the splashing water as the boat glided and ripped the small and smooth tides of the calm sea.

We had a wonderful day except the hot climate which was like an open sauna in the middle of nowhere during the time that we were docked in the Dimaniyat Islands.

For further information on boat charter, cruise packages and day trips, please visit their site at 

Special thanks to Tom, Caroline and Abdullah for coordinating and organizing this trip.



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