Cruising Wadi Bani Kharous – Al Alia Village

My Fun Friday, this trip was a kind of “strike anywhere” meaning no fixed destination. The previous night I was searching the web where to go on a Friday and a lot of destinations to choose from. I decided to take the Nakhal-Rustaq Road, if I won’t find anything and end up in Rustaq, I would at least enjoy the drive on this road with scenic view left and right. We left muscat at 9AM which is already late but as we wanted to spend the day on leisure so we allowed ourselves to be flexible with the  timing, not to be governed with any rules. We also didn’t pack any food or drinks, just brought with me my cooler box and some ice.

We set on our way and dropped by Lulu Barka to get any food stuff to fill in the “would be” hungry tummy and some bottled drinks and went on our way. On the Nakhal-Rustaq Road, I turned left to Nakhal and went inside the town, it  was quiet, I kept  on driving and found ourselves on the main highway again. However, I remembered the village of Awabi which is near Wadi Bani Kharous and Wadi Bani Awf. When we saw the signage to Awabi, I took that turn and headed to the town center. We asked people the way to Wadi Bani Kharous and we found it.

To my surprise, the road was paved and smooth, a highway road. We passed some villages with date palm trees and beautiful cars parked on the road side.


Another thing that caught my attention was the colors of this rocks, right along the road…………


We kept the tires rolling, enjoying the drive, beautiful scenery around, passing village after village with date plantations until we reached the end of the paved road, a T dirt road, shall I go right or left? We took the left turn as there were traces of water coming that side. A few meters away is a parking lot and a Ministry of Tourism signage on the rules of conduct in the area and the name of the village, Al Alia.

The parking lot is actually part of the river bed, there was a mosque on the left side and the village is on the right and can be accessed through the stone staircase. The village is green, with lots of trees and  date palms.


We searched for a place to take our lunch and successfully found a big boulder of rock where we laid down the food under thick trees and had our lunch. After lunch we set on our feet and started  exploring the place. We took the stone staircase and kept on walking around.



We were in searched of the wadi and hoping to find the body of water to have a dip and get relief from the heat. We walked through and climbed the terraced gardens and at the back of our minds figuring out that if we kept on following the terraced garden we may not find the water as the wadi is just below us.



We traced back our steps and went down to the wadi, walked on the wadi, and we found no water. I was already tired and can’t go further anymore so we came back from where  we came from. We found this mother and child frog on a falaj in one of the terrace gardens.


I was amused by this flower hence a I took a snap


We did not find what we were searching for- the wadi water, however, we enjoyed the scenery of the gardens and their terraced farms. We never had the chance to explore the part of the village where the houses are located as I was completely tired plus the heat that adds up to drain my energy, it was the last week of April 2015. We drove back to Muscat happy and satisfied for the Fun Day of simply loitering around.


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