Crossing the Border of Hongkong & China in 1995

In 1995, Hongkong was still under the Brtish rule hence the border was not yet open during that time. After 4 days roaming around in Hongkong, I took the train to Shenzhen. It was a 45 minute journey along the countryside.

I will never forget this day as unfortunately I had diarrhea on that day. I was so careful not to eat anything that would trigger the turbulence inside my tummy. I was successful to have a calm stomach during the journey and finished the visa formalities at the border. As I just entered China outside that building where the immigration office was, I felt a battle inside my stomach so the first task was to look for a WC and to my relief I found one. It was the first time I saw a WC which is not elevated but instead embedded on the ground.

Hongkong-China Border 1995


This was taken at the border just right after I did my special assignment LOL!

The tall building behind me is Shangri-la Shenzhen and that round thing on top like a crown is the 360 degrees bar & restaurant that gives the diners a 360 degree view of the city.


The next day I went around the city to look around…….

Around Shenzhen
Outside Shangri-la Shenzhen

and went to a fast food to have a taste of  the local food…………..

At a fast food complex



It was  in this fast food complex that a Chinese man seated opposite my table was talking to me in Chinese, he thought that I was also a local.




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