An Oasis in the Middle of Nowhere

It was in December of 2006 when a friend invited me to for weekend getaway outside the city of Muscat. The invitation was a few weeks before I finally agreed to come as I was lazy to travel a hundred kilometers and hesitant to leave my comfort zone those days.

We reach the resort at dusk and after check-in we went directly to the spa for a relaxing body massage. We filled up an information sheet and a waiver, assessment was done by the Spa Manager and recommendations were given to what kind of treatment that suit us best. Our therapists led us to the treatment villas, and on the massage bed, I stripped myself off from all the stress and tensions from the work and let my body and senses submerged into an oblivion of pure relaxation.

 After the magical moments with the spa session, we headed to the restaurant to fill our tummies. The restaurant is enclosed with glass walls from floor to ceiling, lovely ambiance and not much guests that time we came in, we satisfied our palate from the seafood buffet.

Dinner at Khalab Restaurant with Chona

After dinner, we were transported by a porter with a buggy to our room. The room was on the first floor (European term) or 2nd floor (American term) and was spacious and cozy, more spacious than a typical hotel room. The setting was just…..hmmmm lovely!

I had a wonderful night sleep and being an early riser, I woke up at sunrise, headed to the balcony, enjoyed the surroundings and the view around me.
The Villas
An irresistible surroundings that needs to be explored. We hurriedly went down and walked around the paradise that was set before our eyes which we never realized as it was already dark when we checked-in the previous night. As we were walking along the pathways, I was dreaming to retire in this kind of place, with all the greeneries around, the tranquility of the place, the chirping birds……so close to nature and the Creator.
We found a mini park with a mini amphitheater……….a stage……..and a water mountain
The Mini Park
Tummies started to protest, we searched for the restaurant for breakfast, oh no! it was already a brunch! The place was even lovelier during daytime, due to the glass walls, natural sunshine penetrated the transparent walls and illuminated the whole area…..
After breakfast we continued exploring the newly discovered paradise, we found the pool area and I was impressed by the lush greenery that surrounds the place.
The Pool
Our restless feet led us to an archway which looks like a cave opening covered with plants and flowers. There was a staircase going to the top that arouses our curiosity. We took that maybe 3 dozens steps and to our surprise……..

…….without any hesitation…..dipped ourselves in the bubbling water!

We went back to our room, took a rest, ordered food from the room service, packed our things and got ready for check-out. We were lucky that the porter on duty was an ex-colleague of my friend and showed us around the resort.
Around the Resort
Around the Resort
It was such an unforgettable experience to see this kind of place in a desert country. No one would expect to stumble into such a hidden jewel in the middle of nowhere.

This place is Al Nahda Resort & Spa and is located in Barka, approximately 45 kilometers (half hour drive) from Muscat International Airport.



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