An Afternoon At Muttrah Corniche

Al Hamdul’Allah! as the arabic expression goes meaning “Thanks God!”, I’m finally back to my old self after some time of being a slave to work. Since 2nd half of 2011, I have been planning to come to Muttrah Corniche to enjoy the surroundings as in the old days where I used to visit this place for walking,  fishing, or just simply to breathe the sea breeze, finally it was realized.

Summer has begun and at 5PM,the heat still made me melt like an ice cream under the sun as one OPM (Original Pinoy Music) says. I started my walk from the Fish Roundabout where the taxi dropped me.

Fish RoundAbout

The corniche is approximately 3 kilometers in distance, at one end near the Fish RoundAbout is the Fish & Vegetable Market and and at the other end is a park. Dolphins sculptures can be found along the walk way that highlights the area  having dolphins being well preserved in Oman waters. Dolphin watching can be arranged with the local tour operators. The chocolate mountains as I called them, serves like a backdrop and the the color blended so perfectly with the blue skies and blue waters.

Muttrah Corniche

The structure proudly standing on top of the rocky mountain is an Incense Burner which is one of the icon of Omani culture.

The Incense Burner

Below are the traditional Dhow Boats which are being used now for Dhow Cruises. In the past, these Dhow Boats are used for transportation  by the early Omanis as Oman was a seafaring nation.

Omani Dhow Boats

The other side of the road is lined with apartments and hotels where most tourists flocks in due to the proximity in most tourist attractions like the “Old Muscat” and museums within the area.

Corniche Apartments

Muttrah Houses

Something I love about Oman is that they preserve old structures, I am really fascinated by these balconies which was preserved to maintain it’s usual charm. And in newly built buildings in other areas of the country, the architecture and design still depict the Omani culture.


I covered only half of the corniche as I got so tired already due to the climate. If you happen to travel in Oman, I strongly recommend to take a glimpse of Muttrah corniche. And if you are living in Oman and haven’t come this side yet, this is a good place to unwind and release all the pressures and tensions from work.


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