The Journey to Kazbegi


As most people say, “it’s the journey and not the destination” Yes, very true on this particular trip I did during my stay in Georgia. This day out trip is operated by most tour operators in the city as it is a popular destination highlighted with the Gergeti Church which was built on top of the mountain. However, on this post, I will be sharing only the wonderful experience of the journey as it is the road trip that really made my day!!! Most of the members of the group I joined to the trip to David Gareja Monastery have not […]

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David Gareja Monastery


Visiting David Gareja Monastery can be done in a day and it’s worth the visit. The monastery is located in Kakheti, southeast of Tbilisi near the  Azebaijan border. We left Tbilisi at 11:00H and arrived at the  site at around 13:00H including photo stops. The monastery  is located in a very remote area where there is no road access, totally isolated from the community. The last  village was called Udabno and from there our driver drove off road, on a dirt track up and down  the hills. Reaching the site, we set off on our own to explore the surroundings. […]

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Cruising Wadi Bani Kharous – Al Alia Village


My Fun Friday, this trip was a kind of “strike anywhere” meaning no fixed destination. The previous night I was searching the web where to go on a Friday and a lot of destinations to choose from. I decided to take the Nakhal-Rustaq Road, if I won’t find anything and end up in Rustaq, I would at least enjoy the drive on this road with scenic view left and right. We left muscat at 9AM which is already late but as we wanted to spend the day on leisure so we allowed ourselves to be flexible with the  timing, not to be governed […]

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Cruising Wadi Bani Awf


Wadi Bani Awf is famous for the Big Snake Canyon or Snake Gorge and the village Bilad Sayt. Read several reviews prior to setting out for this trip and all the reviews I read are saying that the road is dangerous, steep and narrow. I am not an experienced off-road driver hence I can’t venture on this trip  without any co-pilot. The trip was finalized on 15th May, one of my Fun Fridays (this is my weekly ritual) and since my car is a 3D 4WD, can’t take more than 3 persons  including the driver as it would be uncomfortable. We […]

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Food Trip Friday at Bait Al Luban


Food Trip is what I call my eating out activity looking for something new to my taste buds or simply going back to a favorite restaurant. On this particular Friday evening 3rd April 2015, my friends and I have chosen Bait Al Luban, it is a restaurant in Muttrah just opposite the Muttrah Fish Market. No one from us has been there before, all of us were first timers and we agreed based on the reviews we read from the web. First thing that impressed me was the ambiance, I have that kind of attachment to something traditional or ancient atmosphere, […]

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Weekend Trip – Rustaq


Fridays and Saturdays are the weekends in  Oman which I call “Fun Days” that I treat myself to a road trip, beach hangout or a food trip depending on the weather conditions. Yesterday I chose to do a road trip to Wadi Al Hoqayn which is located near the town of Rustaq. Wadi Al Hoqayn For everybody’s understanding, “wadi” is an  Arabic word for a valley or a dry  river bed where water flows after the rain, there are wadis in Oman where the  water is abundant throughout the year  and some are filled with water only  after a heavy […]

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White Zuerich


It was in the end of October and early November 2012 when my restless feet roamed around Zuerich. It was basically a business trip but of course leisure would always have its way. Landed in Zuerich at 6AM in the morning and upon boarding the  train going to the hotel, I saw some white cottony little drops starting to cover the roofs of the houses. OMG it’s snowing! I have the fear of  cold temperatures which I believe is  the “kitty” in me hence whenever I travel to cold countries I have to leave maximum first half of November before […]

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Hexebella Explores Pai, Thailand

Pai River

Heard about Pai during my visit in Chiang Mai in 2012 but got no chance to go that time, hence this  visit in June 2014, I included Pai in my itinerary. Arrival in Pai……. I reached Pai early afternoon, got off from the mini van from Chiang Mai at the bus terminal, got no clue where is the resort I booked in, this situation excites me but also it depends on the place, I feel safe in Thailand so, no worries. The place was full of tourists mostly Europeans and Asians, I walked aimlessly, pulling my small trolley and my […]

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Nostalgic Berlin

Berlin_Brandenburg_Gate (2)

Today is a holiday and I was lazy in bed in the morning, laptop on my bedside table, checked FB page, scrolled and among the posts is this:   Like a speed of a lightning, memories flashed back that automatically I cracked smile with the feeling of longing to travel back in time, those wonderful days spent in Berlin… I navigated the FB page, I stumbled upon another post again, here it go I asked myself,  “is it Berlin nostalgia day today”? I have shared several destinations I visited on this blog site but nothing was written about Germany and […]

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Tetra Tree Hotel – Wadi Musa


Prior to our visit to Jordan, it was a series of booking and cancellation of hotels in Wadi Musa. The cost of 5* hotel was beyond our budget hence we have to stay in a cheaper hotel. Several hotels were booked and cancelled and finally, Tetra Tree was chosen. It was a new hotel operating in less than a month during the time of our stay in August 2013. Upon our arrival, we were served with a welcome drink which was really refreshing after coming from the heat. The lobby is spacious with relaxing ambiance with natural light illumination during […]

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